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Why Sensitive?

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  • Why Sensitive?

    It is the wide spread belief that women are more emotional than men. They are also more emotionally expressive than men. They have more intense emotions, more fears, more sadness and more guilty feelings than men.

    Are these due the differences in the physical and mental make up of the men and women?

    The differences are due to many reasons.

    Women appear to recall an emotion in greater detail than men. Women ruminate about an experience, thus creating and developing more emotional attachments to it. This helps them to recall the experience with greater accuracy.

    For women, the experience of an emotion and the expression of the emotion, become one and the same. They have better vocabulary and better ways of expressing their feelings.

    Women have more expressive faces and eyes than men. Women benefit more by a greater degree of emotionality.

    Women have a higher necessity and motivation for intimacy. They have greater vigilance over their personal relationships. They try to set right their strained relationships. When the relationship becomes hopeless, the women are the first ones to get out of it, unscathed.

    Women are supposed to be the weaker sex since they are physically weak. They need some one stronger to defend them and take care of them. They can achieve this, only by developing and maintaining healthy and satisfactory relationships.

    This is made possible by their more sensitive disposition, to their own emotions as well those of the people around them.

    Visalakshi Ramani