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All Brahmin parents to use the facilities provided for their children...

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  • All Brahmin parents to use the facilities provided for their children...

    Dear ones,
    I have come across the following msg from a website.
    Pl go through and spread this as much brahmins as you can.

    Dear Brahmins,
    I have written earlier about the new experiments in this school and I write again with more correct details.

    School Name: Vidya Niketan Public School

    Website: (Sri Sankara Smartha Samskrutha Paatasala) this gives many nice photos and details about the school
    Principal: Ms. Prema Rajagopal (

    Chairman of the school: Sri. Rajagopal.
    Location: Ullal Cross Road, Bangalore 560056; Phone 080-23240396
    Also contact Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust, Mylapore,

    This is a regular top class public school having both state board and CBSE syllabus in it. There are about 4000 day scholars studying in the school. As per instructions from Kanchi Bala Periyaval, I visited this school and Sri. Rajagopal showed me around the various facilities of this school and here are the details.

    What is special about this school is that Kanchi Periyaval Sri.Jayandra Saraswathi Swamigal had expressed a desire to incorporate Brahmin culture among our young students, and is implemented here. Adopting this suggestion and with the blessings of the Acharya, this school has built an hostel (2002) exclusively for Brahmin students. The capacity of this hostel is 250. The boys in the hostel are accepted from 3rd standard after their Upanayana. They attend the normal school during school hours along with all other students of all communities. The school is a co-ed institution. The admissions are through an entrance test.

    Note that this is not a charitable organisation and the private management is subsidising the hostel with their own funds. Normal fees is collected from all day scholars, while the hostelers are charged only one third of the expenses. There is an arrangement to provide scholarship to poor but meritorious students.

    Hostel facilities are so good that you cannot ask for anything more. The food is hygienic and nutritious, rooms are spacious etc. There is even an industrial washing machine to wash all the children's clothes. The children are supplied all clothing, uniforms, shoes and books.

    All students have regular teachers with qualifications as per CBSE standards and they also have many extra curricular activities like dance, music, crafts, tabala, Yoga etc. Moral education classes are held for all children. There is a huge play ground with football, volleyball, and cricket being played vigorously when I visited there. There are also two tennis courts of standard size. They have vacations like all other students. These students can easily compete in any competitive exam and go for any career after their +2.

    What is special?
    The hostel students have special classes of 1 and half hour duration during morning and evening hours. They have 5 year scripture syllabus as per Kanchi Acharya's suggestions. All of them do sandya vandana and Sammidadana regularly in the correct times. They learn all the slokas, Veda suktas, Rudra, Chamaka, Mahanyasa, Aruna, Puja vidhi etc. They can do regular pujas with all shodasopacharas within 3 years of joining. They do not learn the entire Veda as the time is limited. I spoke to many students and they are very happy there and not feeling home sick. Even though they are active from morning 5 AM to night 9:30 PM without any afternoon nap, they are very energetic! They are finding it easy to cope up with their school studies along with Veda and sloka study. In fact in a few years they learn the entire 18 chapters of Bagavad Gita by heart. They learn enough Sanscrit to understand it! They also write some certification exams in sanscrit conducted by some institutions in Chitoor and other places.

    There is also a scheme to admit Brahmin hostel students at 11th class (plus one) and give them a bridge course to cover essential mantras.

    Need of the hour:
    The capacity of the hostel is 250. But currently only 90 students (from TN, Karnataka, AP and Kerala) are there. The remaining capacity is going unutilised. Brahmin parents should realise the value of this class and come forward to admit their wards and relative's children in this school. This way they can put some good samskaras into young minds. This will save them from TV-samskaras, beedi-samskaras and sax-samskaras and all the attendant evils. For normal day scholars, the admission is very difficult and every one should go through an entrance test. It is a privilege to get admission in this school. This post is not an appeal for donations. It is an information item asking all Brahmin parents to use the facilities provided for their children.Please forward this to interested parents and other groups. Those who want to join their students in the next academic year should hurry as the school will be closing for vacations on 23/3/2012

    Contact the school for any further details.

    With Best Regards