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  • Brahmins Social Activites

    When I searche Google with this "Brahmins Social Activites" Key words I happen to see the below posting:
    [LEFT]Topic: Social Activities at sode vadiraja mutt (daivajnya brahmin guru mutt)

    • Deepak

      Sode Mutt is very clear in the role it has to play in social activities for the spiritual and materialiastic upliftment of people. The mutt has focused its energies with the help of a few dedicated devotees in running these organisations.

      Shri Bhavi Sameera Gurukula

      Sri Bhavisameera Gurukul started functioning from June this academic year. Classes in Dwaita and other shastras along with English and computer education will be conducted. Children will be given free lodging and scholarships. more...

      Shri Kamadhenu Gosamrakshana Samstha

      In order to prevent merciless butchering of old and helpless cows, we have taken up the challenge to establish 'SHRI KAMADHENU GOSAMRAKSHANA KENDRA', for protection and welfare of such cows. This center is established in Hoovinakere, the holy birth place of Shri Guru Vadiraja, 25 miles from the famous pilgrimage place UDUPI in Karnataka. more...



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    Re: Brahmins Social Activites

    Dear Sir,
    Very rare but very important information especially shree Kamadhenu Gosamrakshana Samstha Thanks for allowing to share