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Story of Kalidasa

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  • Story of Kalidasa


    There was a learned princess in Ujjain. Her father desired that she can herself choose her husband.
    She wanted that her husband should be more learned than herself. The king had provided a hall.
    In one part of the hall the prIncess would sit and the would be husbands on the other part. There
    was a curtain in between and the princess would not be seen by her suiters.

    May bachelors got defeated by the princess. Many of these defeated persons wanted to play a
    trick on the princess. They went out to find the most stupid person and take him to the hall.
    They found a sheperd who was cutting the branch of a tree sitting on the wrong side. They
    called him down. He was asked to take a bath and was given a good dress. He was taken to the
    hall. He was asked not to speak anything.

    He was taken to the hall. Between the princess and the suiters there was a curtain in which the
    figure of Ravana had been painted. On seeing this picture the sheperd shouted -

    abbabbata raabhana.

    The princes objected to this. But those assembled there stated -

    bhakaarah kumbhakarnesti
    bhakkarosti vibhiishane /
    tasmaat raakshasarajoyam
    raabhano na thu raavanah //

    They declared the defeat of the princess and she had to marry the shepherd.
    When she found that her husband was an idiot she advised him to get the
    blessings of Kali. There was a Kali temple in that town. She asked him to shut
    himself inside the temple when Kali would go out in the night.

    When Kali returned to the temple the doors were shut. Kali tapped the doors.
    and asked who are you. The shepherd asked. Who are you? Kali replied - I am Kali.
    Then the shepherd said I am Dasa.

    Kali asked- what do you want. I want knowledge. Show me your tounge. He showed the
    toungue. Kali wrote something on his tounge. Immediately he became a poet.
    Then Kalidasa spOke out a praise in honor of Kali. This is called Shyamaladandakam.
    Shyama means black or Kali.

    Then Kalidasa returned to his house. His wife asked him - asti kaschit vaagarthah.
    Is there any meaningful result.

    Kalidasa composed three poems -

    astyuttarasyaam disi devataama - Kumarasambhavam.

    kashit kaanthaa viraha gurunaa - Meghasandesam.

    vaagarthaaviva samprikatau - Raghuvamsam.