Boom Boom Maadu!!

பூம் பூம் மாடு

Boom Boom Maadu is essentially a decorated bull; and its owner is called Boom Boom Maatukkaran!

In our young days, we used to see Boom Boom Madu with its Mattukaran coming to every home for alms early in the morning and most homes were happy to receive him because he used to tell all good things to happen to that home and Bhoom Bhoom Madu will respond by shaking its head in positive manner !!

He comes playing Nadaswaram like instrument to announce his arrival.

Since the Bull keeps shaking its head, it is called Bhoom Bhoom madu

He says this house will be filled with happiness and laughter always right? Bull says, yes!!!
He says young woman in this house will get married soon, right; Bull shakes its head positively.
He says no health issue in this house; again Bull shakes its head positively
Then they accept whatever is given to them in cash or kind and proceed to the next house!!!

As the families are moved to Cities, this tribe is vanishing. Even now probably one can see them in interior
Tamilnadu Villages.

Another tribe we with modern living missing are those Gudu gudupai karan (குடு குடுப்பை காரன்)

He used to come to every home saying “good time is coming, good time is coming” (நல்ல காலம் பிறக்கிறது, நல்ல காலம் பிறக்கிறது) and used to rotate his damaru (உடுக்கை ) continuously.

If children do any Vishamam , I mean any mischief, elders used to threaten them saying will give you to that Gudu gudupai karan (குடு குடுப்பை காரன் or ரா பிச்சை காரன் Nowadays we don’t see any ராத்திரி பிச்சை காரன். It is good that lives have improved to a great extend .

கொட்டாங்குச்சி வயலின் selling man, ஜவ்வு மிட்டாய் karan, பொம்மலாட்டம், குச்சி ஐஸ் வண்டிக்காரன், Goli Soda, கூத்தாடி காரன் balancing on Bamboo sticks are all vanished, only memories remain with older generation.