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    John Forbes Nash (born on June 13th, 1928) is a great American Mathematician, whose works have provided insight into the forces, which govern the chances and events in our daily lives.

    Serving as a senior Research Mathematician in Princeton University, he shared the 1994 Nobel memorial prize in Economic Sciences with two other persons.

    Nash began to show signs of extreme paranoia, while working in the M.I.T. His behavior became erratic and weird. He spoke of people who were putting his life in danger. He believed that an organization of men were chasing him and they were all wearing red ties.

    He was admitted in Mac Lean Hospital in 1959 and the diagnosis was Paranoid Schizophrenia. When he was allowed to leave the hospital, he resigned his job from M.I.T and took his pension. Nash went to Europe seeking political asylum in France and East Germany-without any success. He tried to renounce his U.S citizenship!

    Nash was again committed to the New Jersey Hospital in 1961. After 1970 he was never committed to any hospital. He refused to take any more medication!

    Despite being wrecked physically and emotionally Nash has won several awards and world wide fame.

    Nash was awarded the John Von Neumann Theory Prize for discovering his famous Nash Equilibria. He received the Leroy.P.Steele prize in 1999.

    He shared the Nobel memorial prize for Economic Sciences in 1994, with two other persons. He was conferred honorary doctorates in 1999, 2003 and 2007 by various Universities.

    Despite the psychological problems which threw his life out of gear, when he was at the prime of youth, John Nash has emerged victorious in his battle for survival and recognition.

    Visalakshi Ramani