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  • Science & Ne-Science!!!

    Science & Ne-Science!!!
    1. In science nothing is accepted unless experimentally proved. But no experimented has been conducted to prove that the laws of since are valid for all space and time.
    2. Newton’s 1st law of motion says “Nothing moves/stops by itself.” But human beings do.
    3. Newton says “Light is a particle”. Einstein corrects “Light is a wave”!
    4. Science is very advanced. But creating a mosquito is a long way to go.
    5. Technology is very advanced. But do not use plastic bags & save fuel please
    6. Universe was created out of a big bang. But when a small bomb blasts everything is destroyed and people die.
    7. World and life got created by chance. But to demonstrate we should only do experiments as it will not happen by chance.
    8. We can do the latest heart transplantation. But if the victim dies, only post mortem.
    9. We had time but no watch. We now have the latest branded watch, but no time.
    10. Eureka .Eureka. There is law. Is there a law maker? We don’t know. We cant say.
    We will keep on synthesizing till the end.

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