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Can brahmins breed pets at home?

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  • Can brahmins breed pets at home?

    I understand that our scriptures prohibit Brahmins from breeding pets. The main reason may be that Brahmins - men and women may have to forego valuable time of their brahminical duties - like doing sandhyavandanam, daily Puja and other household work for taking care of the pets. Not only that they may get more attached with the pets in due course of time than their duties and they may become like Jadabharatha.. The purpose of attaining Brahma Gnanam is of utmost importance and that will get diluted if pets become the centre of attraction in the house

    I have seen that in some houses the pets are given more importance than children

    Dear members,
    I want our learned members to clarify me whether breeding of pets in home by Brahmins is considered as sin in Vedas . While explaining in Tamil the Sanskrit mantras during Aavani Avittam , one Sastrigal told 'let the sin of breeding dog, cat may be removed from me'.

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