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High Blood Cholesterol

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  • High Blood Cholesterol

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    High Blood Cholesterol

    Cholesterol is One Of The important Elements in the body.
    Produced in The Liver,
    it is a yellowish fatty substance which performs functions such as transportation of fat,
    providing defense mechanism,
    protecting red blood cells and muscular membrane of the body.
    Cholesterol is also produced from the food which is consumed.
    The normal level of cholesterol varies between 150 - 200 mg per 100 ml,
    an increase in which,
    results in high cholesterol.
    The most common symptoms of high blood cholesterol are general fatigue,
    excess sweating and feel of uneasiness,
    pain and heaviness in chest area and breathlessness.
    Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption,
    eating high fat diet,
    obesity and heredity factors are some of the causes for high cholesterol.
    However, high cholesterol can be controlled at home using certain home remedies.
    Learn more on how to treat high cholesterol Naturally.

    Hypercholesterolemia, Or High Cholesterol,
    is a condition wherein fatty deposits develop in the blood vessels.
    Cholesterol is used by the body to build healthy cells as well as some vital hormones.
    When more and more of these deposits accumulate, it becomes difficult for enough blood to flow through the arteries, thus decreasing the oxygen in the blood stream.
    Eventually, such a condition increases the risk of a heart attack and can cause brain stroke. Consumption of wrong type of food is the largest contributor of high cholesterol in a person. To know more about the causes and symptoms of high cholesterol, read the following lines.
    Causes Of High Cholesterol
    Heredity factors
    Excess weight
    Lack of physical activity/exercise
    Eating too much saturated fat
    Excessive smoking
    Drinking too much alcohol
    Certain diseases
    Certain medication

    Symptoms Of High Cholesterol

    High cholesterol has no symptoms.
    A blood test is the only way to detect high cholesterol.
    The symptoms that can be seen are actually the effect of high cholesterol on the health of a person.
    These include coronary disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease.

    Home remedy for High Cholesterol

    The best home remedy to cure a person with high cholesterol is to have at least 8-10 glasses of water per day.

    Immerse 2 tablespoons of coriander seeds in a glass of water. Boil the concoction and allow it to cool. Strain the water and have it three times a day.

    Take 10 pieces of cinnamon sticks and put them in a pot containing 5 teacups of water. Boil the water and then add a tablespoon of honey to it. Drink this concoction when itís warm.

    In a glassful of milk, add a piece of garlic and boil it. Allow it to cool before drinking. Consume this for a few days. Not only would it reduce cholesterol, but also take care of the cardiac pains.

    Alternatively, a person who has problems of high cholesterol can also have 2-3 cloves of garlic per day.

    Mix 10-12 tablespoons of apple juice and 5-6 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Intake this mixture once a day.

    Consuming raw onions or onion juice is also beneficial in reducing the high cholesterol.

    Regular exercising is very necessary to keep the cholesterol levels under control.

    In green leafy salads, mix a small amount of olive oil. It proves beneficial lessening the high cholesterol levels as well as for the proper functioning of the heart and the body.

    Persons suffering from high cholesterol should have foods rich in fiber such as raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, broccoli, green beans, etc.

    Consume lots of almonds and walnuts. These are helpful in reducing the cholesterol levels.

    Chewing sweet neem is also beneficial in lowering the high cholesterol levels.

    Having fenugreek seeds and sprouts helps to reduce the high cholesterol levels.

    Persons suffering from high cholesterol levels should have a small bowl of curd everyday. Curd acts favorably in reducing the cholesterol levels.

    Another effective natural remedy to treat high cholesterol levels would be to have foods rich in lecithin such as egg yolk, vegetable oils, whole grain cereals, soybeans and un-pasteurized milk.

    It is advisable to have food prepared from sunflower seeds instead of butter and saturated oil. This is highly beneficial in regulating the cholesterol levels.

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