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Goodness of Human Behavior

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  • Goodness of Human Behavior

    Goodness of human behaviour:

    I wish to share my experience in human behaviour here. I had the opportunity of enjoying the goodness of human warmth from members of various nationalities while I was in Gulf. The Trading Company for which I worked in Salalah, in South Oman, was headed by a Moplah Muslim (Kaka) Manager from Mahe in Kerala. Almost all the employees except six were Moplahs. We had a few Abu Backers, Mahmoods and Mammoo Kuttys etc. For all of them I was a "Saami" (Tamil Brahmin). They gave me respect and affection for my age and position. During the Muslim festivals they used to prepare special vegetarian rice items and payasam in new utensils for me and the other three Vegetarian Hindus . My Manager a devout Muslim will observe fasting during the Holy month of Ramadaan, but will bring food for me from the Vegetarian Restaurant (from their kitchen), which will be shut for outside business during holy month of Ramadaan. Similar experience I had enjoyed while visiting other places like Sur, Ibri etc., in the vast deserts of Sultanate.

    While I was in Salalah, I had the experience of moving with Omanis, Dhofaris, Zanzibaris, Iraqis, Misris (Egyptians), Sudanese, Pakistanies and others from other Arabian Countries. All of them were good to me throughout my stay. This unique experience of goodness from various Countrymen, changed my thinking and attitude towards other Communities. And I started breaking the narrow barriers that I had bound myself in the name of Nationality, Religion, Language and Status. The Human love is all pervading and it echos our behaviour towards others. When we live alone far from our own family, community and Country in far off places we understand the goodness of others better. My stay at Muscat further strengthened my view on the human relationship.

    It is my strong view that Miracles do happen when I try to live as good human being first and last.
    I request others also to share such wonderful experiences in our forum.

    Warm Regards,