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Dependent or Independent?

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  • Dependent or Independent?

    Dependent or Independent ?

    The Greek philosopher Aristotle said that "Man is a social animal". He also asserted that he who does not need a society or is above society is either a beast or a God.
    Man cannot live all alone, in isolation. It is a social fact that we live with others, or have to live with others. Man's development-biological, social, intellectual and moral-depends on the help he seeks from others, and that is precisely what makes man a social animal.

    Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone is utterly dependent.

    We are born completely helpless -- that is so true.
    A baby can do nothing for itself; it is dependent entirely upon its parents/ guardians/ or upon some older person to take care of its needs.
    At every stage of our life, we are taught, how to sit, walk, and learn to talk.
    We learn to communicate through our parents/ elders.

    As we grow up, when we learn to exercise our mind and we learn to do things for ourselves due to the guidance given by others.
    When we are fifteen or sixteen, we can do so much to help ourselves, and we sometimes mislead ourselves into believing that we are not dependent upon anything or anyone and ourselves into believing that we are not dependent upon
    that we can do everything and that we know everything.

    Then, of course, we have to learn all over again, that while we can help ourselves in many of the daily tasks of life, we never become completely independent. And the older we get, I believe the time comes when we realize how dependent we're really are
    People must have other people in their lives. Human beings need company and love. Life is a web. We're interconnected with others--sometimes to complete strangers--whereby their sadness or happiness affects us.

    The medical events each one of us experience would have taught that how fragile is our life

    Humans depend on animals with their life's' because our cultivated food is not enough to sustain the whole population.

    Even in our death, we need some people to carry our human remains to burial/ burning ghat; no one on earth did that without depending upon others yet.

    This is true with every family, village, community, country.
    Just as rain in one place can cause flooding someplace else, the actions of people in one place affect the lives of people elsewhere. When people depend upon each other, their decisions affect each otherís well-being. They meet these needs by living in groups. City people depended upon farmers for food. But farmers needed city workers to make tools and machinery for producing bigger and healthier crops.

    The motivation for a country to import goods and services from other countries is perhaps less obvious than its motivation for selling exports (making a profit on goods not consumed by the domestic market).

    To sum up:

    1 Human nature Man cannot lead a solitary life.

    2 Human instincts they only find expression in a society.

    3 For the satisfaction of his basic needs, man has to live in a group.

    4 For reasons of security, preservation and protection, human beings live together.

    5 Our moral development largely depends on others.

    6 For the growth of civilization and culture, it is essential that human beings constantly live together.
    We also depend on nature for our survival; therefore we must learn how to protect it.

    The reality of human existence is that we must depend on someone else to get to where we want to go. Whatever we sow today will bear fruit tomorrow!!