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What is the definition of faith?

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  • What is the definition of faith?

    What is the definition of faith?

    The dictionary definition of faith is, ďthe theological virtue defined as secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will.

    Some time ago someone likened faith to the wind: we cannot see the wind, we cannot hear the wind unless it blows against something, we can only feel the wind when it touches our skin or rustles our hair. Faith is like that wind. We cannot see what we believe in, we cannot hear what we believe in unless we open our eyes to the truth, but we can sure feel that our faith is justified by the joy we feel in our hearts. Remember, in the end, we all put our faith in something, so let it be the truth.

    Faith is that power of discrimination made available to mankind by God Almighty using which a human being can not only reach God but accomplish tasks considered unachievable. Faith is that ingredient which differentiates human beings from animals and the lower species. It is Faith in God Almighty which makes David defeat the Goliath. It is Faith in the system of God that makes an ant kill an elephant.
    It is the element of Faith in the system of God which differentiates the serious seeker of spirituality from a commoner. Without Faith it becomes difficult to believe in existence of god. God is everywhere yet none can see him. We only feel the presence of God but only sometimes. To perceive God from the inner eyes... we must have inbuilt power of Faith in us.

    To elaborate on Faith on God, I am giving below a small story, pl enjoy

    (I am reproducing in English a synopsis of an article written by the famous Tamil writer, Mr. R.K. Rangarajan, in Tamil.)

    : FAITH.

    There was this girl, Rani, daughter of a cooli couple, (illiterate), who had a two year old son, gravely sick with a heart problem that required a major operation. As all free medications had failed, and the Government free hospitals, had washed their hands off this child, the inconsolable parents had put their faith in the Almighty Lord, and expressed their belief, in these words. Only with God's Grace can this youngster be saved.

    Over-hearing this conversation of her parents, Rani, broke her Hundi, and took all the money to the nearest medical shop, and asked for the medicine God's Grace. The shop keeper said there is no medicine such as God's Grace.

    At this juncture, an elderly gentleman, who had come to the Shop to buy some medicine, asked her how much money she had. Rani, replied, I do not know, as I cannot count. He laboriously counted the small change, and declared, you have the correct change, Rs.2 and paise 40, come, I have the medicine, and let us go to your home and see your brother.

    To cut a long story short, he turned out to be the city's best Heart Surgeon, and he admitted the young child to his clinic and performed the operation, free of cost, and returned the child hale and hearty(pun intended) to his parents. And when the grateful parents were wondering how much God's Grace would have cost the generous Doctor, Rani replied Rs. 2 and paise forty.

    Her parents were dumbfounded!

    Thatís the reason for this great sayingĒ Bhagawan is in Manushya RupenaĒ

    When we have faith in Godís grace, surly He comes in some Form to show His Grace whenever and wherever we need Him.

    Thatís the way He shows His presence.

    Godís presence can be felt in so many ways as narrated in that small story

    When Faith comes first you start believing in GOD

    Hope you all enjoyed my write up.

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    Re: What is the definition of faith?

    Nice story i liked it