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Significance of Bhogi Pandigai

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  • Significance of Bhogi Pandigai

    Significance of Bhogi Pandigai

    "bho:gam" means 'enjoying divine joy'. A day giving that eternal joy, is
    named after "bho:gi"
    Go:da performed dhanurma:sa for 30 days. Having pleased,
    Lord Ranganattha sent all His subjects and invited Go:da de:vi, to Srirangam.
    Amidst all the devotees etc., marriage celebration was done. Goda went into the
    sanctum and joined Lord Ranganattha, experiencing His divine qualities, she was
    blessed with that "bho:gam". Hence that day became "bho:gi"

    Another legend says: Bhogi is often referred as Lord Indra, the Vedic God of thunder and rain. It is also widely believed that Bhogi Pongal is the Indra Vizha festival observed during the Chola period.

    A major activity on the day is the burning of things that are of no use. A sort of cleansing ceremony. But nowadays this Bhogi bonfire causes pollution due to the burning of plastic and rubber.