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    In Hindu mythology, Rohini (Red-One) is a fine-eyed goddess of stars and the rising sun.

    She is the ruler of the annual cycle, and the light of knowledge. Out of the 27 daughters of Daksha, who were married to the moon god Chandra, she was his favourite, and it was because of this partiality to her that Chandra had to suffer the curse of Daksha, which led him to wax and wane periodically. Rohini was also the name of prince Vasudevís second wife who had given birth to Lord Balram

    In the entire celestial horizon, Rohini Nakshatra or 'Aldebaran' is supposed to be one of the brightest possible stars. Governed by 'Brahma' who epitomizes the essence of creation; Rohini Nakshatra symbolizing essential fertility is depicted by cart drawn by a couple of oxen.

    This is the birth nakshatra of Lord Krishna.

    The word is derived from Rohan, which means to rise or to bring into existence.

    Those born in the star Rohini are agriculturists, experts, well-behaved, handsome, good speakers and poets. They are stable minded, respected, enjoyers and interested in lovemaking. They are of sweet-speech, intelligent, capable and bright. They are long-lived and perform accepted jobs, religious, truthful and help those who have helped them. Kings respect them. They respect gods and Brahmins and know the science of meters and metaphors. They are able servants of their lords and determined. They are endowed with good looking hands and wide forehead, handsome, independent, loved by their children, experts, wealthy with respect to corns and money, have desire to wear new clothes.