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Faceless woman cleans the Road

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  • Faceless woman cleans the Road

    Faceless woman cleans the Road

    If Melur North Street looks clean, the credit goes to her. Every morning, with clockwork precision, she would arrive at the street and clean up the stretch.
    So, what’s wrong with cleaning up a street, one would argue. Only that, what she cleans up is human excreta from the streets. She’s Kamatchi, a faceless woman, whose presence is barely acknowledged.
    All the technological advancements and development have not made any difference in her life. Yes, manual scavenging still persists. And Tiruchy Corporation is guilty of the practise.
    Kamatchi’s story came to light on Monday after Vasudevan, a resident of Nadukondayampettai, submitted a petition to Tiruchy Collector Jayashree Muralidharan detailing the travails of the woman.He said people in the locality had been demanding a public toilet facility for more than a decade since the existing facility had become obsolete due to lack of maintenance. Moreover, the facility was built for women and that men had to defecate in the open.
    In his petition, Vasudevan said, “Kamatchi comes to the locality every day without fail by 8 am to clean the street side. For the past 15 years, she has been withstanding the social injustice and continuing with her job.”

    Read more about it here

    This s because people lack civic sence and allow their kids to relieve themselves on theRoad itself.