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  • The Good Name

    The Good Name alone can not make a Good person; it is the company of persons with whom he is brought up or has friendship with matters.

    Also it does not matter by whom you are born, it matters how your company of your friends.

    The name “Duryodhana” is not a negative name. It means “One who is Invincible in Battle” in Sanskrit.

    He was also called “Suyodhana” (meaning: “An Excellent Warrior in Battle”).

    Likewise, his brother’s name “Dushshasana” means “One who cannot be ruled or subdued”.

    Another brother’s name “Durjaya” meant “One who cannot be defeated”.

    Gandhari and Dhritarashtra picked good names for their children, but the children didn’t live up to their parents’ expectations (thanks to their uncle Shakuni’s influence)