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did all of you get butter milk?'.

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  • did all of you get butter milk?'.

    Did all of you get butter milk?'.

    It was the beginning of May, with the sun at its scorching best. There was a political meeting opposite to Kacchabeswarar (Kacchabam - tortoise) temple. Atheists. The audience was around 200. The leader swore that he would demolish all temples, build industries in those places and provide jobs to everyone.

    Inside the Kanchi mutt, Periava called for the Paatti who used to serve butter milk in front of the mutt. He told her to make an 'Unda' full of butter milk. He listed the ingredients - asafetida, curry leaves, green chillies, ginger, mustard (boiled). The Sishyas and devotees were surprised at His knowledge and were also worried because it was an ordinary day and there were not too many people at the mutt.

    Meanwhile, the atheist's meeting ended, and the leader got into the car and drove away. The crowd walked to the bus stop near the mutt. Then they saw the Paatti serving butter milk. In hardly 10 minutes, the 'unda' was empty. Then, one of them said to another, ' shall we go and have darshan of Sami?'. Everyone felt the same, but hesitated because they thought others would curse them.

    At that moment, Maha Swami came out to go to Gangai Kondan Mandapam to have darshan of Anjaneyar. The whole crowd prostrated before Him on the mid-day, May month, hot sand. Periava stopped, blessed them and asked, ' did all of you get butter milk?'.

    This is Maha Periava's compassion.