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Are you a Tortoise or a Scorpion ?

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  • Are you a Tortoise or a Scorpion ?

    Are you a Tortoise or a Scorpion ?

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    A tortoise carries a stranded scorpion across a river. The scorpion stings the tortoise who demands indignantly: "My nature is to be helpful. I have helped you and now you sting me."
    "My friend," says the scorpion, "your nature is to be helpful. Mine is to sting. Why do you seek to transform your nature into a virtue and mine into villainy?

    Humans can change: the very difference between an animal and man is, the man possess discriminative faculty called buddhi - with which he shd determine what is right and what is not. Since both animal and man are just different states of consciousness, we all move from one to another without us realizing it... The more we use our Buddhi and select what is right and not led by emotions, the less animalistic we are.