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Facts About Iron Metal

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  • Facts About Iron Metal

    Facts About Iron Metal

    Iron is one of the Hardest metals in the Universe, Let us know some more about them in detail which may be very useful for your Improvement of General Knowledge

    1) Iron is the 10th Most abundant element in the Universe

    2) Iron is the 4th Most Abundant in the Earth Crust

    3) From the Iron ore, The metal called Iron was extracted

    4) Iron is almost never found in the Elemental state

    5) In the Production of Alloys, Iron plays an Key Role and it is the Major Component of the Steel

    6) As a Ferrous ion, iron is the Most necessary trace element used by all the living Organisms

    7) Ferrum was the Latin name for the iron, so as The symbol "Fe" has been given for the iron

    8) The Meteorites was the source of the iron for the Prehistoric man

    9) China is the Worlds Largest Producer of the Iron in the World

    10) Iron falls to the Transition Metal Category'

    11) Iron i s formed in the Stars that have that have Sufficient mass by the Fusion Process

    12) The Sun contains more amounts of iron than the Earth