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  • Thiruvaiaru


    Thiruvaiaru is a 'punya bhoomi' with 5 rivers flowing through it ( Cauvery, Kudamuruti, Vadavaru, Vennaru and Vettaru ). About 9 km from here is Thirupoonthuruthi and a nearby village is 'Nadukkaveri'.

    It was the year 1942. The house of Chinnaswamy Iyer. He has a son, Ramachandran and his wife is Sita.They have been married for some time and longing for a child. They are of course devotees of Periyava.

    The Maha Swamy visited the village and walked through the length of it with His sishyas and devotees.

    At Chinnaswamy Iyer's house, Sita was busy doing a 'Kolam'. Periyava, walking at a brisk pace, suddenly stopped near Sita . She was completely taken by surprise and was speechless. With tears in her eyes she prostrated before Periyava. Periva asked her, "Where is your Raman?. Saying that He entered the house, looked around and opened a room (which was actually a dumping place) which had been kept closed for a long time, dusted off the floor with a 'thundu' and sat down.

    By this time Raman and Sita were there. He looked at Raman and said 'go get milk from the udders of the cow in a sombu'.

    Raman did as was told. Then Periva did japa and told Rama, 'go to Kudamuruti river, pour some milk in it and the rest on the banks of the river. Dig where you poured the milk and you will hit a basement. There, you build a temple for Vinayaga. You will live happily'. So saying, He got up and left.

    Raman did as Periva said, and indeed found the basement and built a Ganesha temple there. Soon after, Sita delivered a male child and they named him 'Ganesan'.

    Well, the temple ? It still stands there in Nadukkaveri - 'Kaveri Prasanna Maha Ganapthi temple'.