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MAYA does not spare you.

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  • MAYA does not spare you.

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    However much the mind and intellect might have matured, until the Brahman Realisation happens, mAyA does not spare you. Maybe it is not right to throw the blame on mAyA. Realisation is the apex of all sAdhanA. It cannot be achieved unless all karma is extinguished. What can be done if, inspite of all the sAdhanA done, the earlier karma is several times heavier? Maybe for their extinction, right now, not by the work of mAyA, but by the Grace of Ishvara, there arise undesirable thoughts that shake up the sAdhaka. I am not referring to thoughts of kAma, krodha, etc.

    They have all been extinguished much earlier. There are two other undesirable thoughts or conceptions. One is called 'asambhAvanA'-a doubt on whether the advaita experience is a possibility at all, and the other is called 'viparIta-bhAvanA' - the thought that the goal of advaita is not possible to reach.