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    He is my prANa nAthan

    Sri PeriyavAL in the course of his yAtrA was staying for a week in the premises of the (Cuddalore) Majakkuppam Municipal High school.

    Manjakkuppam is located near our village. For that entire week, we went there early in the morning and in the evening, had arshan of PeriyavAL and stood after prostrating to him.

    Only Sri PeriyavAL looking at us, remaining silent, and giving kumkuma prasAdam to all the others was going on. At intervals we went near him again and again and prostrated. He did not give us prasAdam; but as we moved away, he gave prasAdam to those who stood after us. We went with 'Amma' and her family and prayed silently. He gave prasAdam to everyone except us. He did saMbhASaNaM (conversation) with 'Amma' and her family and bid them farewell by waving his hand. 'Amma' was also surprised.

    A week later, (during May 1966) he camped in Nellikuppam for three days. I took leave of absence from my office, and we stayed in the MaTham. Finishing our nitya kAryAs (daily routine), cooking and meals at home, we would go to the MaTham. We stayed there since morning till ten o' clock in the night. He gave his kaTAkSa (side look) to us, but neither talked with us nor gave prasAdam.

    Three kaingkaryaparAs who attended to the MaTham routines stayed in our home. We considered it our bhAgyam. The names of two of the three were Bangalore Sri Kandaswamy Aiyer and Sri Balasubramanya Aiyer. When Sri Kandaswamy Aiyer talked to MahA PeriyavAL he pointed to us and said, "I am staying in the home of Srinivasan." PeriyavAL only listened to him silently.

    At night on the third day Sri MahA PeriyavAL sat in his menA and started off. He came with his parivAra (followers) to our colony in Janakiram Nagar. He went straight for Amma's home, entered it and sat down on the floor in a room. Mani did pAda pUja to PeriyavAL. Submitting the upacAra (services) he waved the karpUra Arati (camphor flame). Amma and her family prostrated. On account of the vAtsalyam she had towards us, as she prostrated to the holy feet of the sage, she pointed to us who were standing nearby and supplicated, "Here Srinivasan - AndaaL dampati have come, to have darshan of PeriyavAL." Sri PeriyavAL gave his silent kaTAkSa and sat with closed eyes for sometime. He did not give us prasAdam; instead, he stood up, sat on his menA and started for the MaTham.

    Early next morning, Sri MahA PeriyavAL started off his yAtrA, sitting inside the menA.

    Like a madman, I ran beside the menA, having darshan of him. In the light of the hand torch, Sri MahA PeriyavAL gave a silent darshan. The menA stopped when it reached the village limits. Sri PeriyavAL smiled, raised his hand in blessing and closed the menA doors. I stood stunned, and thinking 'When can we meet PeriyavAL the next time? What is the sambandham between him and me?', reached home with immense sorrow.

    I told everything to 'Amma'. Amma said, "I cannot understand PeriyavAL's lilas (sports). PeriyavAL has made some saMkalpa in your affairs. He is waiting for a suitable opportunity to give his anugraha and make the lives of both of you AtmArtha (spiritual) and divya jIvana (divine living). Only this much can I understand now."

    Amma was one who had understood very well the tApam (yearning) of this jIva. Sri PeriyavAL would select using his tapo balam (power of penance) suitable jIvas, develop them to maturity and give his anugraha for uplifting them to further yogic heights. No one in our world knew about Amma's state of spiritual advancement; only the two of us knew it. He had given Amma by his mere kaTAkSam, his anugraha and blessings spread over many years, so she can reach the heights which can only be attained by Yoga Sadhana.

    Amma would tell us that he had given a way through her to develop us, the two jIvas, in the path of bhakti and entrust to a suitable AcharyaaL, so we can reach the bhagavat caraNAravinda (God's lotus feet).

    "Since the days you became aware of your surroundings, you have the taste of bhakti and have been doing Atma vicarA (spiritual inquiry). Only your pUrva janma saMskAra (accomplishments in previous birth) are the reason for this state. This jIva is yearning to get pUraNatvam (completion) in this janmA itself. Seeking the family Acharya, both of you have done Samasrayanam (Vaishnavite religious initiation) through him as per sampradAya (tradition).

    "Accordingly, this jIva is restless to get the Atma bodha (knowledge of Self) so it can reach the tattva, hita, puruSArthas (complete understanding of the Self). That very beat of yearning, through MahA PeriyavAL, would enable the jIva to find an uttama Acharya puruSa (excellent guru) who could make the soul to attain the lakSya (aim) of its yAtrA in kAlakramam (due course). As soon as you meet such an Acharyan, your mind will become taTastha (reach the shore) and you will be struck with the knowledge 'he is my prANa nAthan (protector of soul)'", Amma said.

    Source: saidevo