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    A simple incident in an Ashram - A lesson

    UP, MP, Uttaranchal & many other states in the North have very old Ashrams, established long long ago, though they do not propogate and market themselves to attract revenues or popularity like other modern day large Ashrams.

    They work silently and go about their jobs quietly.

    In one such Ashram, one fine morning, the Water Motor pump stopped functioning. Naturally, there was commotion as the inmates of the Ashram needed water to carry out every function.

    The Ashram staff called plumbers. One plumber came immediately and inspected the Pump and said, "Air got blocked in one of the pipes. Let us open all taps and locate which tap does not function properly." The plumber did all that he could. But the pump did not start.
    Another plumber came after a while and inspected the whole thing and said, "The Pump is of very low HP and hence needs replacement.".

    Immediately a new pump was purchased and fitted. Still it did not function.

    A 3rd Plumber came and said, "The fault is not in the pump but in the main pipe drawing water from the water tank."

    A new pipe line was laid afresh. All old pipe lines were disconnected.

    The pump started working but not as efficiently as before and water was not going up fast. As a result, even when the pump worked for more than two hours, very little water could be pumped up.

    The Ashram works got delayed as a result and the Guru checked up why there was delay in the Ashram routine works. The whole story was explained to him. He smiled. The inmates did not understand the Guru's calm posture. The Guru went to the pump area and pointed to a pipe-joint near the ground that was leaking water heavily.

    Everyone realised that the small joint was the cause of the problem. Another plumber came and fixed a new joint in no time and the pump started working efficiently.

    The Guru said, " Look. You all did your best to set right the problem but did not succeed. You are all young and thought that you can address the complaint. You did not inform me first. After you failed, you informed. I knew the exact problem, as, it occurred similarly a few decades ago. I had the previous experience and hence could locate it.

    Remember, when you encouter a problem, pray to God first and go about your work. God lets you know easier solutions as He has infinite experiences of our problems.