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  • Idol Worship

    Idol Worship

    Faith is very Important.

    Idol Worship

    There was a man in a city and he was worshipping the idol of LORD RAMA and asking for favours.

    He did not get any favours even after one year's worship.

    Then he switched on to LORD KRISHNA and like wise he did not get any favours.

    Then he thought of LORD SHIVA who is premoridial and not an AVATHAR like RAMA and KRISHNA.

    There also he met with the same result and here also he failed.
    Then he had pushed all the idols into an almirah and locked it.

    Lastly he thought of MOTHER GOD .

    Here also SHE did not respond.

    He became very angry and caught the nose of the MOTHERS IDOL

    SHE immediately appeared before him and asked him why he is choking her by squeezing HER nose and what he wants.

    Then he explained his position that he grew very angry with RAMA, KRISHNA, SHIVA and also MOTHER.

    Then SHE explained to him that in the first three times he did not believe the idols as real GODS and only in HER case he felt angry and treated HER as REAL GOD.

    So she appeared.

    So we have to have FAITH