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Maavilai Thoranam (மாவிலை தோரணம் )

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  • Maavilai Thoranam (மாவிலை தோரணம் )

    Maavilai Thoranam (மாவிலை தோரணம் ). Mango leaves are regarded to be highly auspicious.

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    Mango leaves in bunches are said to absorb the negative energy from anyone entering your home. It is just to eliminate the drushti - i.e. the negative effects, at a place where the celebrations are held - be it at home or any public place. So it is placed in the entrance.

    According to a theory, the air filled with carbon dioxide, which is lighter than the pure air, gets purified immediately while passing through the Toran. In addition, insects get attracted to the green leaves. This stops the insects from entering the room.

    It is also a scientifically established fact that the green colour keeps a person mentally fresh and even the modern day medicine advises the modern day man, who comes under severe stress during his normal working hours, to spend some time amidst greenery to freshen his mind and soul. A Toran provides this facility at your doorsteps.

    In every house, Vak Devatha also resides. This Vak Devatha says Thathasthu to each and every sensitive words we say. If you bless others with good words, it will says Thathasthu means, let it happen. But these Vak Devathas also bless when you say words in anger or in a bad mood. (It is always better to speak good and sweet words).

    But still, if due to some issues, if you happen to tell some words against any one, and if there is a Maavilai Thoranam hung in the front entrance, the breeze that flows through it negates those words.