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  • Pancha Patram

    For the last 3000 years,Panchaloha(literally meaning an alloy of five metls) has been most widely used for making idols and pooja vessals..This five-metal combination of Cu,Au,Ag,Pb and Zn (aluminium,bronze,Copper,Silver,Zinc) was considered to be highly auspicious combination. Pancha Patra is also to be made only this way. But due to high cost of these metals,copper,Brass,and silver pancha patra have come into vouge. They are only single metal patras,and they should not or cannot be called a Panchapatra.

    Source: SIVARAMAN

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    Re: Pancha Patram

    Good Information,
    but the order of metals are differing in symbols and their corresponding names.

    Below is the list of Chemical Symbols of Materials:
    Chemical Symbols

    Aluminum = Al
    Magnesium = Mg
    Antimony = Sb
    Manganese = Mn
    Arsenic = As
    Mercury = Hg
    Beryllium = Be
    Nickel = Ni
    Bismuth = Bi
    Niobium = Nb
    Boron = B
    Phosphorus = P
    Cadmium = Cd
    Selenium = Se
    Calcium = Ca
    Silicon = Si
    Carbon = C
    Silver = Ag
    Chromium = Cr
    Sulfur = S
    Cobalt = Co
    Tellurium = Te
    Copper = Cu
    Titanium = Ti
    Iron = Fe
    Tin = Sn
    Lead = Pb
    Zinc = Zn
    Lithium = Li
    Zirconium = Zr


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      Re: Pancha Patram

      Mr.vasan,Thank you for the details of chemical symbols for various metals. I was not a chemistry student and hence I might have simply posted what that have been mentioned in the article.What is the chemical symbol for Bronze? May I request you to tell me the order of metals mentioned in the article should be like this: Al,Bronze,Cu,Ag,Zn. Could you kindly correct and furnish the actual symbols in the order that is mentioned in the article..Narasimhan