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  • Who Invented The Compass

    Who invented Compass?

    The compass is a tool used to help aid in finding direction, but do you know who first invented the device? You may be surprised to learn that the first compass was invented to help practitioners tap into the source of the Earthís power, and to align with it. It would be years later that the compass would be redeveloped for use in finding direction. Whatever the compass is used for, the compass is a practical and helpful device that has a long history. Below you will find some history on the invention of the compass.


    The first compass was invented in Ancient China, and they developed it in order to help with the Feng Shui practice. This practice involved aligning oneís self and other with the earth. The Ancient Chinese used the compass to help direct them towards a life of balance and oneness with the earth.

    Other Uses for the Compass

    The compass was redeveloped and began to be used the way that it is commonly employed today. Compasses offer direction for travelers, and people who travel by land, sea, or sky most often use them. The compass is a navigational tool, and it indicates, for travelers, the direction in which they are traveling in. The inner dial of the compass taps into the magnetic frequencies from the earth, and points in the direction in which a traveler is going.

    More History

    William Sturgeon
    invented the modern compass, which is still used today. The compass came to be after Sturgeon discovered the electromagnet. After his discovery, Sturgeon was then put into a compass and those involved with the creation discovered the power the compass had. Without Sturgeonís discovery, the modern compass would not have its key element.

    Electric Compasses and More

    Since Sturgeonís discovery, others have worked to continue developing the compass. Work with electromagnetism and electromagnetic fields have made the compass even stronger. Others have worked on creating electronic compasses that are often included in the GPS systems.