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  • Greed Story

    Once there were two axe men living near by. One of them was pious and good. The other was greedy and jealous.

    One day the pious axe man was cutting a tree with axe near a pond. The axe got slipped from his hands after some time and fell in to the pond. The tree is half cut. He has to finish it. No other axe also. He did not know swimming also. So he prayed to God sitting on the bank of the pond to get back his axe.

    The god suddenly appeared before him from the pond holding a GOLDEN axe and asked him whether that was his axe? He said No

    The god a second time drowned and got another axe. It was made of SILVER. God repeated the question whether it was his axe. He said no

    Now the god a third time drowned and got an OLD IRON AXE. The man replied to the query of God that it was his axe.

    Seeing the truthfulness of the wood cutter, the god complimented him with all the three axes. The wood cutter with his iron axe first accomplished the task. Selling the gold and silver axe, he became very rich, but still continued wood cutting.

    His jealous neighbour, rather his wife could not bear with the richness of the pious axe man. She compelled her husband to go and cut the tree near the pond.
    The envious wood cutter reached near the pond and found a tree for cutting. He started cutting. But the axe does not slip. He wontedly slipped the axe to the pond and started praying the god.

    Truly hearing his prayer God appeared from the pond with his iron axe. But the envious wood cutter wanted not his iron axe but the golden axe to satisfy his wife. He said wantedly that the iron axe do not belong to him.

    God reappeared with silver axe. But the envious wood cutter wanted not the silver axe but the golden axe to satisfy his wife. He said that the silver axe do not belong to him.

    Now God appeared with the golden axe. The person claimed that the golden axe belong to him. Now God asked the question- CAN YOU CUT A TREE WITH GOLDEN AXE? He never thought such a question from god. The god annoyed his telling lies and threw all back in to the pond and disappeared. Not only he lost gold and silver axe, due to his greed the good iron axe also

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    Re: Greed Story

    Good recall of the old and gold Tamil story, but you might have added what is the moral of story.
    Because people mind will turned towards new issue before recollecting the moral of the story!
    Oh! Poor & pity victims of VIshnu mAya!!

    Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
    Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
    Best Wishes and Best Regards,