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Calendar Change on September,2, 1752.

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  • Calendar Change on September,2, 1752.

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ID:	35516September,2, 1752.

    Just imagine you go to bed on a Wednesday, September 2, and wake up on Thursday, 14th September losing eleven days. It really happened in the year 1752 when Great Britain and its Colonies changed from Julian Calendar to Gregorian Calendar. In order to make Calendar adjustment eleven days were dropped from the month of September 1752.

    Pope Gregory XIII (1502-85) who was Pope from 1572-1585, observed the Julian or old style (OS) Calendar followed by them was not completely accurate with matching Solar years. He with the help of his Astronomers and mathematicians created a new reformed Calendar called Gregorian Calendar or New Style Calendar (NS), which was adopted in 1582 first by Catholic Countries. Protestant Countries followed it by eighteenth century. How ever England and its colonies adopted this Calendar on September, 2, 1752.