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    Now here is the second post in the Glossary Series for Sanskrit terms.
    Hope the first one was of some use and informative to some.


    BADARAYANA: Name of the author of the Brahma-Sutras.
    BAHIRANGA: External.
    BAHIRMUKHA: Outgoing; inclined towards outward consciousness.
    BALA KRISHNA: Child Krishna.
    BALA: Strength.
    BALI: Name of a demon king who attained wisdom.
    BANDHA: A kind of Hatha Yoga practice, A lock in Yogic posture
    BANDHA: BANDHU: Relative, one connected by relation
    BENARES: A holy pilgrimage centre of Hindus, now called Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India.
    BHAGA-TYAGA: A logical method adopted to establish the identity of Jiva (soul) and Isvara (God) by partly abandoning their surface attributes.
    BHAGAVAD-GITA: A scripture containing Lord Krishna's teachings.
    BHAGAVATA: Name of a Purana (sacred work dealing with the doctrines of creation, etc.)
    BHAJAN: Devotional song.
    BHAKTA: Devotee of God
    BHAKTI: Devotion
    BHANJANA: Breaking.
    BHARTRIHARI: Name of a sage.
    BHASTRIKA: Bellows (a kind of Pranayama)
    BHATI: To shine
    BHAVA SAMADHI: Superconscious state attained by intense divine emotions.
    BHAVA(NA): Feeling; mental attitude.
    BHAVA: (Devotional) attitude
    BHAYANAKA-SABDA: A fear inducing sound.
    BHEDA: Difference, splitting
    BHEDANA: Piercing.
    BHIKSHA: Alms.
    BHIMA: Name of a Pandava (Arjuna's brother).
    BHOGI: Enjoyer.
    BHRANTI-DARSANA: Mistaken notion.
    BHRUKUTI-The space between the eyebrows.
    BHRUMADHYA DRISHTI-Gazing at the Bhrukuti.
    BHRUMADHYA: Between the two eyebrows.
    BHUJANGASANA: Cobra pose of Hatha Yoga.
    BHUMA: The Unconditioned, the Great Infinite, Brahman, Unconditioned Bliss.
    BHUMA: BHUMIKA: Stage.
    BHUTA-GANAS; BHUTAS: Elementals.
    BHUTA-LOKA: The world of elements.
    BHUTA-SIDDHI: A psychic power by which mastery is gained over the elements.
    BIJA: Seed, source
    BIJAKSHARA: Seed: letter containing latent power of Mantra
    BIMBA: A kind of fruit.
    BINDU: Point which denotes n' or m' vowel sounds in Sanskrit.
    BODHISATTVA: A being who, having developed the Awakening Mind (a mind infused with the aspiration to attain the state of Buddhahood), devotes his life to the task of achieving Buddhahood for the sake of all sentient beings.
    BRAHMA: Creator.
    BRAHMACHARI: Celibate, student of scriptures
    BRAHMACHARYA: Practice of celibacy. Purity in thought, word and deed. Click here for a discourse on Brahmacharya.
    BRAHMA-CHINTANA: Constant meditation on Brahman.
    BRAHMA-JNANA: Direct Knowledge of Brahman.
    BRAHMAKARA VRITTI: The sole ultimate thought of Brahman to the exclusion of all other thoughts.
    BRAHMA-LOKA: The world of Brahma.
    BRAHMAMUHURTA: Period from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.
    BRAHMAN: Absolute.
    BRAHMAN: The Absolute Reality; God.
    BRAHMANDA: Macrocosm, Brahma's egg
    BRAHMA-NISHTHA: One who is established in the Knowledge of Brahman.
    BRAHMARANDHRA: Head fontanelle at the top of head
    BRAHMASAMSTHA: Grounded in Brahman.
    BRAHMA-SROTRI: One who has knowledge of the Vedas and the Upanishads.
    BRAHMA-SUTRAS: Classical Vedantic scripture.
    BRAHMA-TEJAS: Spiritual halo.
    BRAHMAVARCHAS: Magnetic Brahmic aura.
    BRAHMAVID: A knower of Brahman.
    BRAHMA-VIDYA: The science of Brahman, knowledge of Brahman, learning pertaining to Brahman or the Absolute Reality.
    BRIHADARANYAKA: Name of an Upanishad.
    BUDDHA: Name of Siddhartha Gautama after he attained illumination; the Founder of Buddhism.
    BUDDHA: One who is totally purified from all defilements and who has realized all that can be known.
    BUDDHI: Intellect.
    BUTI: Herb.