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    śrīmate rāmānujāya namaḥ śrīmad varavaramunaye namaḥ

    lokācāryāya gurave kṛṣṇapādasya sūnave |
    saṁsāra-bhogi-saṁdaṣṭa-jīva-jīvātave namaḥ ||

    Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇa Kālakṣepam by Velukkudi Śrī. U. Ve. Krishnan Svāmī

    It was a golden age in Bhūlokavaikuṇṭam, when  mpÍrumāňār Daricaňam was marching ahead beyond Svāmiís own victories with Śrībhāṣyam and Gītābhāṣyam. On one front, Svāmi Nampiḻḻaiís Bhagavad Viṣaya pravacanams were being digested and documented as 36000paḍi by Svāmi Vaḍakkuttiruvīdippiḻḻai; on another front, Svāmi PÍriyavāccāňpiḻḻai had authored vyākhyānams to the entire AruḻiccÍyal corpus, in addition to other key commentaries including the one for important verses of Śrīrāmāyaṇam; and on yet another front, Āļvār-Ācārya vaibhavams, their vacanams, anubhavams, ācaraṇams and upadeśams were gloriously captured in detail by Śvāmi Pinbaļagarām PÍrumāḻ Jīyar in his 6000paḍi and Vārtāmālai granthams. In this setting, as a fitting receptacle to the confluence of all of this divine knowledge, appeared Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryar. On the day of PŰigai Āļvārís tirunakṣatram in the year 1205 CE, Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryar was born to Svāmi Vaḍakkuttiruvīdippiḻḻai out of Svāmi Nampiḻḻaiís grace and as an amśam of KāŮcī DevappÍrumāḻ Himself. Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryar led a blessed life of a naiṣṭhika-brahmacāri-vedāntin devoting undivided attention to the core message of our Vedic sampradāyam Ė the Rahasyatrayam. As is well-known, Svāmī wrote 18 granthams on this topic catering to the various aspects of understanding the rahasyārthams and to the various adhikārins that yearn to understand. One might attempt to sense the greatness and importance of Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryarís rahasya works by reflecting on the fact that these have outshone the rahasya works of even the towering ācārya, Svāmi PÍriyavāccāňpiḻḻai!

    Svāmi Maṇavāḻa Māmuňigaḻ points out that the greatest among Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryarís 18 works is Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇam Ė the sāratama (ie., of undiluted essence) anuṣṭāna-grantham instructing how exactly a Śrīvaiṣṇava should think and act. Svāmi Maṇavāḻa Māmuňigaḻ also says that after a rigorous Śāstraic analysis the jewels of Pūrvācārya-Vacanams were embedded in the golden words of Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryar to make the ornament of Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇam that decorates oneís ātman. The work was authored to instruct as wells as establish with strong defense the highly refined Veda-Matam and Vaidika-Anuṣṭānam of our Pūrvācāryars. As opposed to verse or running prose, the grantham adopts the sūtra style of traditional mīmāmsā, vouching for and standing by every syllable a nd word spoken, and supporting it with pramāṇam. The seven pāsurams of Upadecarattiňamālai put the importance of this grantham in perspective by placing it right at the very top and as the very end of all Śrīvaiṣṇava granthams.

    It is primarily for giving us Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇam that the taniyan above hails Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryar as the jīvātu (life-giving medicine) to jīvātmans bit by the saṁsāra-serpent. Without Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇam, the teachings and practices of our Pūrvācāryars that challenged commonly-held misbeliefs would not have been brought over and established to posterity as strictly Vedic. Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryarís kaiṁkaryam in the form of authoring Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇam is held on par with his other kaiṁkaryam of immeasurable greatness Ė giving his life to protect NampÍrumāḻ Himself from the Turuṣka marauders.

    Svāmi Maṇavāḻa Māmuňigaḻ declares that it is near impossible to find a person that fully comprehends the deep meanings of Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇam, internalize them, and then bring them to the level of anuṣṭānam. Just like how Ādiśeṣan had to come down as Svāmi Rāmānujar to bring out the vedāntārthams captured in the Brahmasūtrams, Svāmi Rāmānujar had to be reborn as Svāmi Maṇavāḻa Māmuňigaḻ to bring out the hard-to-intuit arthams of Drāviḍavedāntam captured in Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇa sūtrams. Svāmi Maṇavāḻa Māmuňigaḻís vyākhyānam is universally revered for its lucidity and precision, without which, ācāryas say, the profound meanings of this all-important work of Svāmi Piḻḻailokācāryar would never have been understood.

    Following detailed kālakṣepams of Vedārthasaṅgraham and Bhagavad Viṣayam, it is our fortune that as part of the Be A Ramanuja Sambandhi program, Velukkudi Śrī. U. Ve. Krishnan Svāmī is so kind as to give us the arthams Śrī Vacana Bhūṣaṇam following Svāmi Maṇavāḻa Māmuňigaḻís beautiful vyākhyānam. The Kālakṣepam will be webcast every satruday and sunday starting November 15 2015. If you would like to register for this Kālakṣepam, please fill out the registration form below and our volunteer team will reach out to you with more details.
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    Please visit or this link to register for the KĀLAKṢEPAM

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