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Nutritive Values of Ghee

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  • Nutritive Values of Ghee

    Nutritive Values of Ghee.

    I for one believes that Ghee is good for health. Clarified Butter which is known as Ghee or Gritham in Sanskrit, is used liberally in Ayurvedic preparations from time immemorial in our Country. It is my personal opinion that enough research has not been done in western world on this subject. However I give below two web sites for additional information on the usefulness of Ghee:

    Many of the research on food habits/oils are done by the west, for the west, of the west where the weather, working habits are different.

    It has been an admitted fact that not enough research has been one on Ghee, ( which is basically an Aryan innovation according to my friend from an erstwhile Royal family who enjoys food prepared by pure ghee and leads a healthy life). It is claimed that direct intake of animal fat creates increase in LDL Cholesterol levels which is not good for heart and may increase the risk of coronary heart decease. But how far consumption of Ghee fits in the definition of "Direct intake of animal fat" is the question for researchers to decide.
    Undoubtedly Cholesterol produced in our body is essential for building up of cell membranes and hormones in our body. My grandmother who used to consume good amount of Ghee in her food lived a hale and healthy life of 83 years without any heart problems. Our own family Purohit used to take Ghee liberally in "Dhonnai" is a nonagenarian in his 90s.

    Well, I love the smell of Ghee in my food and take small quantity of it (with the permission of my Doctor) every day.

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