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    LAMP ON RICE FLOUR. This is only traditional and customs in some families to have maa vilakku on fridays in the month of aadi or thai. it will be done in shiva temples before amman sannadhi or in their own houses to invoke the blessings of goddess.durga. kali. mariamman, karpagambal. meenakshi amman etc. Puratasi saturday for venkatachalapathy and on tuesdays lord subramanya and for sastha wednesdays and on saturdays these maa vilakku lamps are litted.

    In the mariamman temple on one friday i saw one lady is lying on her back and the maavilakku lamp in a plate was placed on her stomach and after half an hour that plate was removed from her stomach. Normally it will be done only before god or goddess on the floor.

    Normally for this one litre or half litre of raw rice, wash rice, soak for sometime , pound and sieve in a coarse sieve, rice flour must be very nice. If you use mixie for powdering this rice, first in the previous day itself the mixie should be well cleaned and allowed to dry.

    For one litre of raw rice take 700 grams of jaggery powder , Ghee 200 grams, cardamom 10 nos; 2 or 4 cotton wick, , coconut-1; plantain fruits 10 nos; stringed flowers one metre; turmeric round 12 nos; betel nuts 12 pockts or 12 in nos; betel leaves 30 nos; sandal paste, kumkumam;and camphor. one plantain leaf, one plate or tray; match box.

    In some houses the raw rice will be washed in water and it will spread on a white cloth on the floor. After 4 hours it will be dry. collect this and it will be powdered in a mixie.and sieved. Keep 2 teaspoon of this flour separately for drawing kolam on the floor. Add jagerry powder and powdered cardamom in the rice flour and mix well.

    Place the mixture of rice flour, jaggery and cardomom in a hollow plate. Keep it pressed on all four sides. .Make a circular cup in the middle or 2 such cups side by side for lighting the wicks. Place 1 wick in each cup or place 2 or 4 wicks in one cup itself as per your house traditions.

    At the temple or at the house where you are proposed to have the maa vilaku, sprinkle a little water on the floor, clean the surface and draw kolam with the flour kept separate for this purpose.Place a plantain leaf having an edge on a plate and put this plate containing the maa vilaku flour over the kolam. Apply sandal paste and kumkumam on four outer sides of this plate and also on the hollow cups of the flour.

    Place on either side of the plate 4 betel leaves, 2 betel nuts, 2 turmeric, 2 plantain fruits and half a coconut.Fix 2 lighted insence sticks on a stand or on plantain fruit. Decorate the striged flower as a garland to cover the plate.Melt ghee and fill the hollow three fourths full.If there are two hollows fill them each three fourth with ghee.light the wick. Jyothi wick or lotus wick should be prepared by pressing the upper portion of the wick a little thick.

    The lower base should be broad so that it should stand without falling while soaked in ghee. If four sides of the lamp are to be lit,prepare 3 separate lengths of cotton and twist them together to make 8 wicks. Soak the wicks in ghee and place 2 wicks each on four sides of the cup. See that the top end of the wicks is slightly extended over the cup. Add powdered camphor on each top edge of the wick so that the wicks can lit quickly.

    If ghee is reduced in the flour cup add more ghee. Lit one wick in the temple lamp, which is burning and light it if permitted. Using this you can lit all the four wicks in the flour cups. When the ghee is almost exhausted do neivedhyam with the things which you have placed on either side of the plate.( betel leaves, betel nuts, manjal, plantain fruit and coconut) and show camphor arthi.

    When the ghee is almost exhausted in the flour cup, remove the burniing wick before it is extinct and keep it on a betel leaf kept outside the plate. Mix the flour with ghee. coconut gratings could be mixed with the maavilaku maavu (flour). Offer the maa vilaku flour, thaamboolam, flower, plantain fruit, manjal, and with dakshina to atleast four persons. If this is performed at the temple , the remaining ghee and the wicks must be left at the temple lamp itself.After reaching you can give it to some others and also including those in the house.

    Do not use coconut water in the pounded and sieved rice flour.In some houses after taking oil bath in their houses they will lit maa vilakku. At night they will take only tiffin, snacks on that day. If you are doing in your house you may distribute to atleast 4 persons and then to the house members. If you are doing in your house one kutthu vilakku must be lit before commencing the maa vilakku.

    Some families are doing in 1 st and third fridays and some families are doing 2nd and 4th fridays. can be done during mahalaya paksham in puratasi month for venkatachalapathy.