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pradhakshina vratham.

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  • pradhakshina vratham.

    you may also do pradhakshinam as a vratham from sayana ekadasi to uththaana aekaadasi for this year from 4-7- 2017 to 31-10-2017..

    bhavishyothra puranam tells about this. make sankalpam daily do pradhakshinam morning and evening to temple Gods. for arasa maram and thulasi plant only morning pradhakshinam.. All caste people old or young male or female can do this. Daily count your pradhakshinam. Do not go too fast or too slow.This will remove your sins. next year if possible you can do and if not possible keep quiet. nothing is wrong.

    you may do from 1000 to 100000 pradhakshinam in this 116 days. Recite some mantras while doing pradhakshinam. you may do for any god or godess you like.