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chathurmasyam for family members.

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  • chathurmasyam for family members.

    from 5-7-2017 to 1-11-2017 are chathurmasyam days. people living in family must also remove some article in their food. as per our rishis records. from 5-7-2017 to 3-8-2017 you should not consume vegetables, tamirand, chillies.coconut.

    from 4-8-2017 to 2-9-2017 you should not consume curd and products made from curd. But you may take neer more ( buttermilk).

    from 3-9-2017 to 1-10-2017 you should not consume milk and its bye-products. you can take coconut.

    From 2-10-2017 to 1-11-2017 dwi-dala vratham you should not consume, toor dhall, green gram, black gram. bengal gram. ground nut
    tamirand. chillies and vegetables. but you may take plantain kaai; plantain stem; plantain flower; yam., sweet potato, ginger and greens.

    you are hearing your docter:"s voice to remove certain vegetables. In the same manner hear the words of these Rishis for having good health and punyam.

    pray to God maha vishnu to give you strength and will power to observe this for four months without any obstacles. He is ready to protect you.