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    In Sanskrit, Bhoothi means Aishwaryam, meaning wealth, treasure, precious. Vi-bhoothi with an Upasarga (preposition "vi") means very or more valuable. The synonyms of Vibhuhti in Sanskrit as said in the Amara-kosha is "Vibhuthi: bhoothi: Aishwaryam".Vibhuhti can also be called as Bhoothi,Aishwaryam,Basma etc.,


    Sadhguru: There are many aspects to the usage of vibhuti or sacred ash. First of all, it is a great medium to transfer or transmit energy, and it has an ability to help direct and control the energy body. Apart from that, there is a symbolic significance to applying it on the body. It is a constant reminder of the mortal nature of life – it is like you are always wearing mortality on your body.

    It is named Vibhuti since it endows one with prosperity; Bhasma - 'ashes' because it burns away all sins; Bhasitam - 'brightened' because it increases one's spiritual splendour; Ksharam - 'destruction' since it removes danger; and Raksha - 'protector' for it is an armour against the machinations of evil spirits. This is how the Vibhuti is praised in the Brihad Jabala Upanishad, one of the ancient spiritual texts. Vibhuti is a word that is generally used to denote the sacred ash which Hindu devotees apply primarily to their forehead. It is formed as the residue of burnt wood and dried cow dung cakes that are used in the Vedic rite of the Yajna (fire-sacrifice).

    The word ‘vibhuti’ and the ash have several meanings and symbolisms at several levels. The foremost among these is the truth that ash is the ultimate destination of everything worldly and material. The dot of vibhuti on the forehead is a strong reminder to man that the world is transient and temporary, and so, he must spend his time and life in pursuits that befit the human birth. And this is the pursuit of the ultimate treasure/wealth - one’s true identity; the answer to the question, “Who am I?”

    Source: .radiosai.

    Sacred ash is prepared by burning dried cow dung flakes or sacred wood (Peepal, Bastard Teak, Neem, etc) during Homa. Any object when burnt, it turns into ash. When ash is burnt it remains as ash. So ash cannot be destroyed. It means we are worshiping indestructible god with indestructible ash.

    In Hinduism people believe that sacred ash will remove all the sins and purifies ones soul. Vibhuti destroys evils and gives glory by protecting from several diseases. Below mantra should be recited while applying sacred ash on body.

    source: theancientindia

    Applying Viboothi

    Vedic scriptures say as follows "Lalaata Shoonyam Smashaana Tulyam",which means that "an empty forehead is comparable to a cemetery". So, Hindus pay special attention that their forehead is smeared with vibhooti and it remains all the time over their body in a day.

    Vibhuthi smeared horizontally to make three parallel lines with forefinger,middle finger and ring finger across the forehead & other parts of the body like chest,stomach,arms,elbows,wrists etc is called as Tripundra.

    The great saint Thiru Gyaana Sambandar did many wonders with Vibhuthi and he expounds the greatness of Vibhuti in one of his Pathigams called "Thiruneetru Pathigam" as follows,

    Mandhira maavadhu neeru| Vaanavar meeladhu neeru ||
    Sundhara maavadhu neeru |Thudhikkap paduvadhu neeru ||
    Thandhira maavadhu neeru| Chamayaththil ullaadhu neeru ||
    Senthuvar vaayumai pangan|Thiruaalavaayaan Thiruneerae ||


    Mantra is the ash; Higher than heavenly people is the ash; Beauty is the ash; Praised is the ash; Technique is the ash; In the religion is the ash; The Lord of Thiruaalavaay (Lord Sundareshwarar,Madurai) who share the body with the red lipped Parvathi - His Holy Ash.

    Sri Adi Shankaracharya praises the greatness of Vibhuthi Of Lord Murugan in his "Sri Subramnaya Bhujanga Stotra" as follows ,

    ApasmAra kushta kshayArsha prameha|
    JvaronmAdha gulmAdhi rogA mahAntha||
    PishAchAshcha sarve bhavatpatra bhoothim|
    Vilokya kshanAth tArakAre dravanthe|| (Shloka no.25)


    Oh Conqueror of Taraka! Severe epilepsy, leprosy, consumption, lung diseases, venereal diseases, fevers, mental diseases of all types, they run away the moment they see Thy Vibhuti contained in a leaf.

    Source: hindutraditionandculture.blogspot and other sites

    This post is for sharing knowledge only, no intention to violate any copy rights