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    There are Articles wrongly interpreting ASWAMEDA YAHAM

    The words 'asvamedha, gomedha, purushmedha, ajmedha' is not meant to interpret as hinsa/sacrifice/killing.

    1. 'Medha' word's verb or dhatu is 'medhri'.
      'medhrisangame hinsayam cha' i.e. to enhance pure intellect, to
      inculcate love and integration among the people and also hinsa i.e.
      killing (this dhatu conveys these three meanings). But it does not
      always mean killing or sacrifice and in Sanskrit no literal
      translation will do where a particular word carries varied meanings
      and it has to be applied judiciously and thoughtfully keeping in view
      the context of the text.
    2. In Shatpath Brahmana (13.1.6) it is stated "Rashtram va asvamedhah"
      i.e. asvamedha means to manage or run the affairs of the rashtra
      (country) in a befitting manner.
    3. In the Shantiparva of Mahabharata (3.336) there is mention of
      asvamedha of the king Vasu in which numerous risis and learned men
      participated. In this context it is clearly mentioned "n tatra
      pashughato-abhoot" i.e. there was no killing of any animal.
    4. Sw. Dayanand Saraswati in his book "An introduction to the Vedas" at
      p. 448-449 states that God is Jamadagni i.e. Ashvamedha. An empire is
      like a horse and the subjects like other inferior animals. As other
      animals, the strength, so the subjects are weaker than the state
      assembly. The glory and splendour of an empire consists in wealth,
      gold etc. and in administration of justice". (Shatpath Brahmana
      XIII.2.2.14-17) It is further stated that God's name is Ashva also
      because He pervades the whole universe (ashva comes from the root
      'ash' which means to pervade).

    The above derivations call for our cautious approach and take upon
    ourselves the task of removing the mist caused by misinterpretations
    to see the truth which can be one and only one and feel proud of our