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Importance of doing Rituals

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  • Importance of doing Rituals

    Dear Asthikas,
    People in the world are worrying "We are doing lot of Bhagavat Kainkaryam, Pooja etc, but still we are having lot of troubles in life, no peace of mind" and also some people are thinking "if there is God why this much sufferings are happening for such a great bhaktan like me".
    Paphams and Punyams are the gain of karmas (actions).
    Dharmam is nothing but 'Swabhavam' means 'it is being how it should be'.
    'Adharmam' is the antonym of 'Dharmam' means 'How it should not be'.

    Shastras are there for all actions to be done by all the four Varnas and particularly for Brahmins who should be the model and leader of others.

    Though we have close friendship with the Head of the Dept. we should write something to get good score.
    Likewise, though we do plenty of Poojas etc. we should abide by the shastras to avoid bad phalans, because amount of phapam can not be subtracted from Punyam. Phapam will grow like a bush without any effort to plant and grow, but for punyam we have to plant and grow with great care. We have to remove the bushes with our special efforts likewise we should do prayaschitams then and there to eliminate phapams. Poojas and Bhagavat Kainkaryams should not be a prayachittam for any phapam, because prayachittams are described well under prayachitta khaandam of dharma shastra.

    Phaphams are happening due to lake of knowledge about tatvas and carelessness in shastras which are the commands of God.

    Bhagavan (God) expect people to follow the shastras than spending time to worshiping HIM.

    To create some awareness in this area I wanted to write about complete Tatvas and the importance of doing Karmas with great care.

    The article will be in Tamil.

    Members are requested to post their comments and doubts on the spot to collect pramanas to clear those doubts.


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