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Mavilakku before completion of one year of a pangali death.

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  • Mavilakku before completion of one year of a pangali death.

    Dear Mama

    I have a question about Maavizhakku. It is a practice to do Maavizhakku during puratasi Saturday. This year my periamma died a month ago and there is no pandigai for us this year including navarathri, deepavali etc.,.

    1. In this situation is it ok to do Maavizhakku during this month.

    2. Is it ok to go to tirupathi before one year (Varushapthiham).

    Thanks for your time and help.

    1. Actually Pandigais are restricted for the real Karthas (sons of the demised and daughters are exempted if married) only.
    In ancient days all pangalis had lived in a same house or at least in the same street (Agraharam) hence it was restricted to whole family.
    Now, you know husband and wife are not able to live together?!! (Kidding).
    If anybody is living in the above condition they have to follow the restrictions, otherwise, the Karthas only can follow and all others are exempted.
    I recommend, if the father is the real kartha and his son is living separately, then they (sons of the kartha) can celebrate the functions.

    2. I insist the kartha himself can go to Thiruppathi before Apthikam, and he should avoid fulfilling / performing any previous prarthana, archana before the completion of Varusha Apthikam.

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