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Final rites forSpinster?

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  • Final rites forSpinster?

    Final Rites for A Spinster

    My dear Vasu Vadyar Swamin,
    One of my friend's elder sister reached Acharyan Tiruvadi.She was a
    spinster. She did not undergo Samasrayam and he performed the last
    rights. Is it necessary for him to perform the Masyams and also the
    annual Srardham.
    Kindly enlighten me on these aspects.--kannan

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    Re: Final rites forSpinster?

    Narayna bali for Spinsters and No heir!

    Dear Mr.Poondi Kannan,
    In the case of a spinster, the karma performed is called "Narayna bali" and not
    Because, a spinster will not have a gothram and hence she will not have the
    three (Vasu, Rudra, Aadithya ) Pithrus pathnis link to merge her with them.
    So, there is no masikams after that.

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