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Yajurveda vivaha prayogam

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  • Yajurveda vivaha prayogam

    Dear nvs sir,
    I am going to perform my son's marriage in a sastric way. So i decided to get its prayogam. Iam an yajurvedi apastambam. But i didnt get that prayogam from my locality and from my sastrigal also. I want it so as to learn the mantras and perform it with correct pronunciation of mantras. My sambandhi also dont have that prayogam currently. So i kindly request you to provide me the yajurveda apastamba sutra vivaha prayogam sir.
    With regards,

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    Re: Yajurveda vivaha prayogam

    It is not that much easy to give you the prayogam for any shastric rituals.
    I don't have time to do that.
    There are lot of best Vadhyars to perform marriage in a 100% shastric way.
    Try to get one of that best vadhyar instead of trying to get the prayogam.
    Also, the prayogams are prepared for Vadhyars as a hand book and not for lowkikas,
    if anyone wish to learn the prayogam has to take it as a sandhai lesson from a good vadhyar.

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