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Shasti Abda Poorthi - Question and Answers

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  • Shasti Abda Poorthi - Question and Answers

    Q - A - Shastiabda Poorthi

    Dear Sir,
    I could not find your message due to some reason,
    just now I saw it, sorry for the late reply.
    Actually, Shastiabda poorthi means
    shasti = 60 and abda = 1 so it refers only 61 year completion from garbam.
    It can be simply identified for funtion purpose.
    In your Jadhakam you will get the Tamil Year, Month, and star for you at the time of birth.
    As per Tamil Cycle of years there are only 60 years, and the same year will come again after 60 years.
    So, that gets the importance, The same Tamil year, Same month, Same star as when you have born will come only once in
    any one's life.
    So, the shasti abda poorthi should be celebrated on that day only, which is most important.
    It should not be postponed or preponed for any reason.
    Other functions can be adjusted for this.

    sUB: Sashtiabdapoorthy

    Due to some reasons i was not able to perform Shastiabdapoorthy on time during July this year. Now shall i combine with the Grahapravesam of my new house and shatiabdapoorthy. I am not clear. i get both version that immediate on the completion of 60th year i should celebarate and another version is before 61 i can celebarate the same. Can you explain what i should do now.

    Dear N.V.S.Swamin and other group members,
    I am writing this mail to the group to seek your advice for the dileamma I have in my mind.
    Unexpected detoriation of my mother's health and her demise in June 2010 made us cancle our 60th anniversary that was supposed to be celebrated the following month (July 8th).
    My mother was not interested or rather was fearing of some unforeseen danger to me if we had celebrated the sastiabdda poortigai. Some unsuccesful stories of the past in our families always bothered her with our decision to go ahead with the ceremony. In many ways to me it seemed as if she wished to die before the ceremony so our family members can avoid seeing any danger to my life in the future.
    Today after 5 months from the time she passed away, I have been getting advices from people that we could still do a mini cermony with limited invities for the wel being of our children. However, considering how my mohter felt about this ceremony and my personal grief because of her passing, is not letting me say yes to people's wish. Some have suggested that if not a kalyanam atleast do a Ayush homam in the house in Jan or Feb 2011. My children will be out of country during July 2011 to perform the ceremony when I turn 61.
    Your expert opinion on this will be highly appreciated.
    Best Regards

    Dear Sri.Vijayaraghavan,
    I am very sorry to here about your mother demise.

    Shasti Apda Poorthi is not a Nithya/Naimithika karma which means instructed as compulsory by shastra.
    But traditionally it was done by every family since time unknown.
    It is done for good health and self confidence etc.
    Your mother might have wrongly understood the situations.
    Definitely there is no chance for misshapenness by doing this function.
    Also, I came to understand that you have not yet reached 61,
    Shasti means Sixty and Abda means one, so, the function should be celebrated only on 61st birthday (or later) as per prayoga.

    Also a part of your message is saying, 'A subha kaaryam should be done' before this function. This is very baseless and logic less argument. This shastiapdapoorthis itself a Subham which is having, kalyanam and ayushya homama in it?!

    Now a days, there is no such an expert to handle a 'Durdevada' to produce evil effect. Then how one can produce some evil effects with benefactor devadas used in domestic prayogas? So, no need to get fear about doing any rituals as instructed in the prayogas.

    Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
    Encourage your friends to become member of this forum.
    Best Wishes and Best Regards,