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Sharadham on Ekadasi day?

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  • Sharadham on Ekadasi day?

    shrAddhms are of two types:

    1. niravakAsha shrAddhams - shrAddhams that do not give flexibility on the day on which it needs to be performed. e.g. mAsikam, Abdikam, pratyAbdIkams etc...
    2. sAvakAsha shrAddhams - shrAddhms that gives the flexibility on the day on which it can be performed. e.g. sapiNDIkaraNam.

    sAvakAsha shrAddhams can be postponed based on the convenience and the observances (such as EkAdashi). NiravakAsha shrAddhams cannot be (and should not be) postponed, but for Ashouchams and other unavoidable reasons.

    So, this implies that the niravakAsha shrAddhams such as pratyAbdIkam (annual ceremony) has to be performed on EkAdasi days. Regular shrAddham related food can be prepared and offered to the bhoktAs. Partaking food as a nimantrita (bhokta) does not affect the ekAdasi fasting as per shAstrAs. When it comes to kartAs, there are two schools of thoughts:

    1. If the kartA observes Ekadasi upavAsA regularly, then he should just smell the pitr shesham and should not eat the same. Sri Pada teertam should be avoided. If the kartA is not a regular EkAdasi upavAsi, then he can take pitr shesham.
    2. Another school of thought says that taking pitr shesham does not affect his upavAsA.

    So, to summarize, there is no bar on observing shrAddham on EkAdasi day and there is no special precaution required. When it comes to karta, opinion differs and please consult the elders to follow what is appropriate.


    On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 7:00 AM, Anantha Balaji <> wrote:
    As per Srimad Bhagavatam, Sharasham is not performed on the Ekadasi day, instead, it is performed the next day.
    On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 7:43 PM, badri narayanan <> wrote:


    Please enlighten me regarding precautions to be observed while performing sharadham Ekadasi day, with special reference to food (Rice) etc. to be cooked on that day. Whether Bhoktas can be offered food (Rice) who observe Ekadasi regularly. Whether kith and kin who observe Ekadasi regularly can also take food (rice). Please also enlighten if it is dwadasi day.


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