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    What are the days suitable and not suitable for oil bath ?

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    Re: Oil Bath

    Originally posted by jagannivas View Post
    What are the days suitable and not suitable for oil bath ?

    1. a) Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
    b) Thithis : Prathamai, Shasti, Sapthami, Ashtami, Ekadasi, Dwadasi, Amavasai, Chadurdasi and Powrnami.
    c) Stars : Uthram, Kettai, Thiruvonam, Thiruvadhirai
    Other: Sankramanam (new month day), Janma star day, vyathipAtham and on any type of theetu (taint).
    All the above days are restricted for Oil bath (avoid oil bath).

    2. Amavasai, Powrnami, Chaturti, Dwadasi, Ashtami, Sapthami, Sapthami, Sankramanam on theese days avoid using oil.

    3. Applying oil on Sunday will bring sorrow. Monday will give shining. Tuesday less life. Wednesday great wealth. Thursday heavy loss of wealth. Friday illness. Saturday victory in all attempts.

    4. It is said as must to avoid :
    a) oil bath on chithrai, hastham, thiruvonam stars;
    b) Kshavaram (cutting - shaving) on Visakam, Sathayam stars;
    c) Sthree Sambhokam (enjoying with wife) on makam, uthram, karthigai stars.

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      Re: Oil Bath

      Thank you very much for your authentic reply.