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  • Missing mails from inbox

    Sir ,
    From my e mail in box some messages are lost which I have not deleted i don't know how it happens and this is not the first time it happens I had a message from Malayalam Television Channels on Monday till Thursday morning it was there in inbox but to my surprise i could not find the same either in my inbox or in thrash can anyone explain me how and why it happens and what is the remedy for this thereby this happening could be avoided in future please mail the answer to my e mail id also. Thanks with regards I don't know whether this question can be asked in this forum if not permitted please ignore and excuse

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    Re: Missing mails from inbox

    I found you have successfully added the Avatar of you?
    Now, You can post anything in this forum except adult contents.
    But choose the appropriate forum to post your content.
    This should be posted in the News and Knowledge to share or anything under social.

    Thanks for choosing this forum for asking your vaideeka, Shastra, Sampradaya doubts,
    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
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    Best Wishes and Best Regards,