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vratham and Mangalyam thanthunanae...

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  • vratham and Mangalyam thanthunanae...

    P.S.NARASIMHAN- 01-03-2013, 10:18 AM
    During marriage both parents of Bridegroom and Bride are conducting 'Vratham'. What is the significance of this ritual. Is it necessary?
    During mangalyatharanam "maangalyam thanthu naanae..." hymn is recited.Is it a mantram or slogam and who was the author for this hymn.,and during which period this hymn mantram was included in the marriage function?

    P.S.NARASIMHAN- 01-03-2013, 02:39 PM

    What does it mean"this message is moderated". Is it to say 'No result'. If that is so ,'OK' thanks.

    bmbcAdmin- 02-03-2013, 07:49 PM

    I don't know the meaning of 'moderated' in this, that is something of this software setting.
    Usually moderated means, a message will be allowed for circulation only after the approval of a moderator.

    You have asked about "Mangalyam Thanthuna" mantram and some rituals in Vradam,
    Kindly post this question in the public forum under "Rituals"
    so that it will be useful for all members of this forum,
    the posting in this group will be limited to access by member of this group only.

    With respect to your requirement,
    I have uploaded an article to downloads section,
    use the below link to download and read the article.
    Ethu Kalyanam - Mangalyam thanthunava?

    P.S.NARASIMHAN- 03-03-2013, 06:24 PM

    Dear swamin,
    I am very much indebted to you for explaining the whole lot of our marriage celebrations,including "mangalyam thanthunava" and other intrutions of friends and relatives immediately after Mangalyatharanam,to the stage and to congratuate with hand shakes etc.,Apart from that all other important rituals are being done ,as you said,during raghukalam,yamakandam etc., If I had said this,so many of our friends would have pounced on me for such remarks. since I have had a bitter experience when I posted an article regarding "Modern brahmins".
    You are the right person to point out the ills of our community. Please tell our community about all good things atleast now and then.
    I once again thank you.
    With high regards,


    bmbcAdmin- 05-03-2013, 07:08 PM

    Thanks for your compliments.
    This group message will not reach all,
    please copy all this posts and paste under rituals in our main forum.