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are we too doing SIN ?

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  • are we too doing SIN ?

    If killing animals for eating is a SIN , then killing plants for eating too should be considered SIN , right ? why isn't it ? sorry , if i have asked something wrong

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    Re: are we too doing SIN ?

    This question was raised on me also
    and I got the answer as follow:

    Definitely there is sin in that also, but the amount of sin is very very less when comparing to that of
    killing animals.
    As per the aim of shastras (mind - not as per shastras),
    the life of a jeevan should not be taken (by killing) before its normal life span.
    So, the normal life span of plants are very less hence the amount of sin also less.

    And hence shastras are insisting Brahmins to do Sandhya Vandhanam thrice a day as prayachittam
    for all such sins on a day.

    Also, Killing of animals by a Brahmin is very high while comparing with human other than brahmin.

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    please visit frequently and share information anything you think that will be useful for this forum members.
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      Re: are we too doing SIN ?

      @Sri: thanks