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Vedic chanting during first year as a kartha

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  • Vedic chanting during first year as a kartha


    On normal days, I do Sandhyavandanam, Madhyanigam and Brahma Yagnam regularly. apart from this I also religiously chant Arunam every Sunday. I start with Vineswara Puja, Do Kalasa Avahaanam ( Kalasa puja) and chant Arunam ( Surya Namaskaram) . I also chant other mantras like Rudram,chamakam, sookthams, Upanishads on other days.

    But on Nov 30th last year I lost my mother. I am the eldest son and the kartha. I am doing all karyams.

    My doubts are

    Can I continue to do Surya Namaskaram (Arunam) chanting with above procedure( Sundays) regularly in the first year till varushabdhigam.
    One more doubt- Can we do puja for Thulasi Maadam ( Manjal Kumkum) daily which also was our regular routine.


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    Re: Vedic chanting during first year as a kartha

    you can do all . you can do thulasi poojai. daily you must chant rudhram, chamakam, purusha sooktham. sri suktham, bhaagya sooktham. and on sundays you can chant surya namaskaram Arunam. without vikneswara poojai and kalasa sthaapanam.