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Varaha Kavacham - Sahasranama - Rare Storas

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  • Varaha Kavacham - Sahasranama - Rare Storas

    Dear All,

    Greetings and Namaste. Sri Varaha Jayanti falls on 10-Apr-2012 (Tuesday) and in that connection, I am happy to share the following rare stotras:

    1. Varaha Sahasranama - Skanda Puranam - a Sahasranam on Lord Bhuvaraha of Srimushnam
    2. Varaha Kavacham - Skanda Puranam - a very rare kavcha on Lord Bhuvaraha of Srimushnam

    Though I normally endeavor to share hitherto unpublished stotras, I am sharing the above (which are in print, at least in Tamil) for a couple of reasons:

    1. These two, in my opinion, are two of the most potent Stutis on Lord Vishnu, especially Varaha Avatar. My interest for rare stutis started with the search for these two stotras more than a decade ago. (On a personal note, I prefer chanting Varaha Sahasranama than the other Vishnu Sahasranamas).
    2. Someone in the distribution asked me to distribute these.

    A few snippets on Lord Varaha :

    1. The above stotras are said to be from Srimushna Mahatmyam from Skanda Puranam but the current day's print edition does not include this Mahatmyam. Obviously these have been taken from some manuscripts.

    2. Srimushna Mahatmyam is also said to be included in at least two other Puranas - Brahmanda Purana and Garuda Purana - again, they are available in manuscript forms in some libraries and not in print editions.

    3. Prayer to Yajna Varaha is the most sacred of all, as I have heard. The normal tendency of human beings is to think of God when in distress but conveniently forget it when at good times. Lord Varaha apparently promises in Charama Shloka that, even if one chants Him once at Good times, he takes care of him throughout (as I have heard from someone).

    4. Varaha Worship is prescribed for Rahu Dasha/afflictions - especially the Varaha Kavacham. There is a special prescription to chant this 108 times at Srimushnam on a Sunday (not just for Rahu afflictions - but for all). Lord gave me an opportunity to do this once several years ago.

    5. Varaha worship is said to return lost kingdom, wealth ,etc. - it should be mentioned that the kingdom/wealth are genuinely due to the worshipper but lost due to cycle of time.

    6. Varaha worship is the best suited to nullify all afflictions of immovable properties - more than Vastu. I understand that, in those days, an elaborate Yajna Varaha Homam used to be performed on the ground where major structures such as temples are to be built. (I was influenced by this information that Lord Varaha permitted me do an elaborate Varaha Homa during my flat's Griha Pravesha a few years back - one of the most fulfilling experiences).

    7. Though there are several Varaha Kshetras, the following are very important (in that order):

    a. Srimushnam near Vriddhachalam/Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu - this is the first and foremost of the Varaha Kshetras. Considered fourth among the eight Svayam Vyakta Kshetras. It is said that Lord Varaha came out of the ocean from this place after retrieving Earth. The sweat from his body is said to be the pushkarini close to the temple. A visit to temple is said to destroy all accumulated sins.

    b. Sri Varaha Temple in Tirupathi - though this is a small shrine adjacent to Balaji Temple, the first darshan should be made here before going to Lord Srinivasa temple. Tirupathi is also known as Adi VAraha Kshetra.

    c. Sri Nitya Kalyana Perumal Templ, Thiruvidanthai, near Chennai - this is in between Chennai and Mahabalipuram. It is crowded these days as it is a parihara sthala for marriage. A visit to the temple (along with a prescribed procedure) is said to accelerate marriage/finding of spouse.

    d. Sri Varaham - there is another small beautiful temple just 2-3 kms from Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Trivandrum.

    e. There is another famous in near Mysore.
    May Lord Varaha bless us all.

    Thanks & Regards,
    K. Muralidharan (Murali)

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    Re: Varaha Kavacham - Sahasranama - Rare Storas


    I want "Khankhata Suktam " (may be spelling is wrong) which is from Sri Varaha puranam
    it is about Sri Varahar

    can any one help me with the e text or forward the link from where this can be downloaded.
    If not pls advise where this can be bought

    thanks a lot