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Vishnu shodasanama stotram with meanings 3

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  • Vishnu shodasanama stotram with meanings 3

    (3) शयने पद्मनाभं च, Shayane Padmanaabham cha,
    -Think of Padmanaabha when falling asleep

    There are various interpretations for this name of MahaVishnu, the most common one being, He who has a lotus that arises from His navel or He whose navel in its circular wholeness is as beautiful as a lotus. The name is repeated at least thrice in the Sahasranama, and is explained in a different context each time. "सर्वजगत् कारणं पद्मं नाभौ यस्य स पद्मनाभ: - Sarva Jagat Kaaranam Yasya sa Padmanaabhah"; the whole universe springs from the lotus which in turn springs from His holy navel and hence He is Padmanaabha. This lotus that grows from Vishnu's navel is also the seat as well as the birthplace of Brahma, the creator. This way, the creator himself is a creation.

    Padmanaabha lying on Sesha
    Just like a baby is nourished by its mother before and after birth, Padmanaabha too nourishes and nurtures each of us through His navel. We will never be capable of surviving without His nourishment. Thus, when we retire to bed every night, tired and worn out, it offers us the best opportunity to connect with Him for the day and recharge our spiritual nourishment, enthusiasm and positive vibrations. This way we can rush into the next day, bouncing with energy. By doing this over our entire lives, when the time comes to shed our coils, we will be able to directly connect to Him with ease, merging into the Aatman, thus attaining Moksha. And all this takes is but the intonation of Padmanaabha, once a day for all our life.